Kick The Buddy Stuff Guide

Kick the Buddy is a ragdoll-slamming arcade game from Happy Racing co-maker Chill Fleet. The objective is to utilize an assortment of weapons and different items, otherwise known as “Stuff,” to pound a shockingly idealistic and just incidentally killable doll. While publicized more as a pressure reliever than a real game, Download Kick the Buddy Mod Apk features unlockables and accomplishments to progress in the direction of, just as a pseudo-point framework by means of the Bucks earned for clobbering Buddy.

Chapter by chapter list

Bucks versus Gold

Sign in Every Day

Shell out Real Cash

Explode the Buddy

Tangle “Free”bies

Bucks versus Gold


The two monetary forms in Kick the Buddy are Bucks and Gold. Gold is exceptional money that must be earned by buying it straightforwardly with genuine money or every so often acquiring it as a sign in reward. Bucks can be gotten in both of these ways too, yet you can likewise gather it by means of just playing the game—pounding Buddy.

The two monetary standards are utilized to buy the “Stuff” utilized in your endless war on Buddy, in spite of the fact that things cost it is possible that either. You can’t purchase Stuff that costs Gold with Bucks, and the other way around, so you’ll require both so as to unit out your munitions stockpile.

Sign in Every Day


The most straightforward approach to win free money and Stuff is to just open the game at any rate once every day. There is another sign in remuneration consistently you play, with huge packs of Bucks going from 350 to 1500 Bucks as the essential prize. On the off chance that you sign in for 15 days in a row, you’ll procure in any event 5,100 absolute Bucks along these lines.

There is a little measure of Gold accessible through these sign-in remunerations, just as restrictive things that can’t be purchased: weapons like the Torch, X-Ray, and Snail must be gathered by means of every day compensate. Regardless of whether you don’t anticipate playing on a particular day, attempt to open the application long enough to catch these prizes.

Shell out Real Cash


Like any in-application cash, you can buy Bucks and Gold legitimately for genuine cash. To get to the in-application shop, tap the Gold and Bucks symbol in the upper-right corner of the screen. You can likewise pull on the red bookmark in the upper-left corner, tap Profile, and after that select Bank (the Profile region is additionally where you can purchase new garments for Buddy or change his outfit, through the Wardrobe segment).

Gold and Bucks start at $0.99 for 100 and 1,000, separately, however, there are many things that cost considerably more than this exclusively. We suggest granulating a piece through the strategies underneath before opening your wallet.

Explode the Buddy


Whipping Buddy will procure you a modest quantity of Bucks for the harm done. A few things are progressively effective at hurting Buddy and winning Bucks (and you won’t gain any Bucks for simply hitting him with your fingers without a thing).

Our preferred weapon for granulating Bucks is the F1 Grenade under the Explosives classification: this thing is opened toward the start of the game, so you can utilize it immediately. Each time a projectile detonates on or close to Buddy, you’ll procure four Bucks. It’s almost effortless to simply over and over tap the screen to release a quick volley of projectiles over him, and after that let the blasts toss him around the crate. Between the primary projectile you drop and the time he is KO’d, you ought to have the option to acquire at any rate 100 Bucks effectively.


When Buddy is KO’d, you’ll never again get Bucks for hurting him. You have to sit tight a couple of moments for him to naturally resuscitate—his eyes change from X has returned to the typical catches—before harming him once more. In the event that you see that you aren’t procuring the same number of Bucks from a weapon as you already were, have a go at changing to an alternate thing for a brief period—until his next KO—and after that swap back to the one you were utilizing.

Tangle “Free”bies


Many things inside the Stuff menu have an enormous, green “Free” sign instead of a cost. Tapping on these will raise an expense in Gold just as an elective method to win the thing. The kinds of options incorporate watching recordings, welcoming companions, or following Shelzy on Instagram.

For the last two alternatives, as long as you are associated with the web you ought to have the option to satisfy them reasonably effectively. You can basically tap the Instagram connection given in-game to open the site page, even without being signed in to Instagram, and it will consider following—when you come back to the application, the thing will be opened.

On the off chance that the necessity is to welcome companions, tap the catch and the contact choices (email, informing, and so on.) will spring up. Pick email and email yourself. Do this multiple times to open the thing.


The video necessities don’t have any exceptional stunts, however, they, at any rate, don’t need to be done in a solitary sitting. Kick the Buddy will follow what number of recordings you’ve observed regardless of whether you quit the game. In any case, the video necessities are per thing, not add up to, so if there are two things that expect you to watch 100 recordings, you’ll need to watch an aggregate of 200 recordings to open both.

The video necessities likewise appear to be to some degree discretionary: for instance, the Bio Weapon Acid Balloons can be earned by watching 100 recordings or by paying 379 Gold through and through. In the interim, another Bio Weapon—Prion A-51—can be earned in the wake of observing just five recordings, regardless of cost 499 Gold. Along these lines, we firmly suggest checking the Gold prerequisites and purchasing sensibly estimated things straightforwardly before settling in for a monstrous video-seeing gorge.

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