Thai lottery ticket sellers out of luck

All tickets are estimated at 80 baht (S$3.20) however Mr Mongkol, a previous rancher from the northern area of Nakhon Sawan, tenderly requests that every client toss in 10 or 20 baht more, for “rice cash”.

“I won’t sell it for more than the controlled cost, yet I request kindness,” he says. “Indeed, even the cop gives me a few.

He gets it.”

(Above) At Wat Mahabut, a sanctuary in Bangkok, admirers rub scented oil onto the storage compartment of a tree, looking for a lottery number. Over at Wat Hua Lamphong in Bangkok, Mr Mongkol Charoenphon sells lottery tickets. ST PHOTOS: TAN HUI YEE

Thailand’s lottery sellers are having a lean time after the kingdom’s military government fixed implementation against overrated lottery tickets.

Junta pioneer and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, tired of the absence of advancement about one year in the wake of proclaiming war on profiteering in the lottery exchange, sacked the whole board at the Government Lottery Office (GLO) in May.

He introduced two-star general Apirat Kongsompong, the delegated officer of the primary armed force territory which manages Bangkok, as its director.

Over at Wat Hua Lamphong in Bangkok, Mr Mongkol Charoenphon (above) hawks lottery tickets. ST PHOTOS: TAN HUI YEE

More tightly ENFORCEMENT

Officers were sent onto the lanes to discourage merchants from selling tickets for in excess of 80 baht. Errant venders were compromised with a 10,000-baht fine as well as one month’s correctional facility.

About 80 per cent of the lottery market has been brought into line, Major-General Apirat reveals to The Straits Times.

Be that as it may, he intends to tidy up the exchange further and perhaps present lasting deal outlets, to upgrade the mind-boggling dispersion framework that has swelled costs by as much as 50 per cent.

The issue has been prickly, notwithstanding for an administration that until April 1 ruled with military law, and keeps on employing outright power through a proviso in the meantime Constitution.


I won’t sell it for more than the controlled cost, yet I request kindness. Indeed, even the cop gives me a few. He gets it.

MR MONGKOL CHARENTON, a previous rancher from the northern area of Nakhon Sawan. Tan Hui Yee Thailand Correspondent

Prior to the crackdown, the GLO offered tickets to wholesalers at 74.4 baht. Each ticket had a spread cost of 80 baht yet was constantly sold for additional, allegedly because of the control of a gathering of wholesalers named the “Five Tigers”. Now and again, tickets previously cost in excess of 80 baht when they achieved the hands of little-scale merchants, who at that point peddled the tickets for 110 or 120 baht each.

Offering UP PRICES

The characteristics of Thai Lottery 3up tips result in help blow up costs. Purchasers offer up costs of tickets with propitious numbers, in view of the dates of birth, demise and different numbers related to understanding n figures in the public eye.

The number on the enlistment plate of expelled chief Yingluck Shinawatra’s vehicle was a prominent wagered during her time in power.

Thirty-seven million tickets are sold for each fortnightly draw. The fervour develops on the eve of draws on the first and sixteenth of every month.

Bangkok’s Mahabut sanctuary, which houses a shack devoted to a purportedly liberal neighbourhood soul called Mae Nak, is open 24 hours to punters looking for numbers.

The Underground Thai Lottery

It’s astonishing, for a nation that precludes most types of betting, to peruse that an expected 70% of Thais are standard speculators.

Or on the other hand is it?

It’s frequently said that Thai discussion is overwhelmed by two things: nourishment, and the “underground lottery” (Huay).

In the event that the administration run Thai lottery is enormous cash, at that point the underground lottery is moronically huge cash.

It contains an immense system of vendors working parallel lotteries that signify an all-out whole of 4-5 times the financial effect of the official Thai lottery.

They are unlawful, obviously, yet basically difficult to take action against.

How would they work?

The unlawful Thai lotteries depend on the official Thai lottery to draw their triumphant numbers.

In any case, they include a couple of additional turns.

Guidelines and Prizes of the Underground Thai Lottery

For instance:

Match the last two numbers precisely: pays 1,000 baht for every 12 baht bet

Match the last three numbers precisely: pays 500 baht for every 1 baht bet

Match the last three numbers in any request: pays 90 baht for every 1 baht bet

Search the web and you will locate various informal Thai lottery offices; some in Thailand, some held abroad for Thai expats who can’t beat their tingle for the every other month draw.

These punters are attracted to greater prizes, better odds of winning, credit buys and the accommodation of putting orders for their favoured numbers on the web.

What does this let us know about Thai Lottery?

1. You’re probably not going to get rich from the Thai lottery.

2. This loves the rush of a vacillate.

BANGKOK • Wat Hua Lamphong, an old sanctuary in downtown Bangkok, has scarcely blended when 60-year-old Mongkol Charoenphon begins making his rounds in the compound.

He supports a home-put forth show defence formed out of two picture outlines. Inside, he has stapled many lottery tickets, all with promising numbers looked for by purchasers.

There’s a bunch of tickets with six digits finishing with “28”, the day Thailand’s Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn was brought into the world 62 years prior. Others end with “22”, the day the Thai military held onto control from the non-military personnel government in May a year ago.

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